GS500 vs CB500 vs ER5

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GS500 vs CB500 vs ER5

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I'm still looking for some kind of commuter bike and I've decided I'll probably opt for one of the above. I've read this ... 300#281300 but I'm still a bit undecided.

Basically, the cheaper to run (and more reliable), the better. I know the CB500 has the better build quality of the 3, but I cannot find any right now (I guess most commuters have been bought up as winter hacks).

My local dealer has a GS500 for sale (it's a 1996 model with with 26700 miles), but a bit overpriced in my opinion at £1295 - I was thinking £850-£900 would be a fairer price (unless anyone thinks differently), so that's one option I was thinking.
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